insert name here

the ignored painting in the corner


the similarities we share

curves unexplored aren’t well traveled

don’t question my hues without knowing the story behind my stroke

study me before you test me

and your failed knowledge of why the scars on my self portrait make me the most beautiful, will not be my responsibility

let my story scream from your walls before silencing me with your hands

i am the Mona Lisa of my craft

and the memory of how i made you feel will follow you around forever


thoughts of her.

And then she asked, “who do you think i am” 

One question, the question, and it renders me speechless

That is who you are, and then some

The raised hand to questions i have yet to ask

The answer no one knows until they see it 

What magic do you possess 

To be in all the places and none of them at the same time

You are more than you know and what you know is infinite 

Like love waiting to find its partner, you are unmatched

The hot flame that is unknowingly cool to touch 

The comma that reminds you to pause through the run on sentences dressed up as thoughts

You are the sky’s violin, depicting its beauty on the way it strikes your strings

You are nothing that i’ve mentioned, and all of what i’ve yet to say

That is who i think you are, and then some

poetry day 2/face&alliteration

radio silenced radiance runs rampant while waiting to be revived

her pools of reason remind me why she sees reality in the way that she does

because her beauty is not random, but reserved

her reflection is unheard but is that of a single rose, thorned and ready

steady are the fine lines that lead to her way out

“remember me”, she shouts

rich in resilience, how could i ever forget