imagine if all the poets in the world came together in harmony

a masterpiece it would be

a number one hit of exposed emotions, word potions, and other art alike

memorized verses of the unspoken curses that keep us up at night

the most beautiful song of all the wrongs we’ve turned into art

piece by piece we’d come together, we’ve all played our part

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in my silence

in my silence i’ve never loved you more

it’s in my silence you can hear me the loudest

my breathing becomes uneven

i avoid eye contact so not to drown within the waters behind your eyelids

in my silence, my heart skips beats

there is no rhythm nor rhyme to why i love you so

tonight only, i hope the sun never rises

because how you shine in the moonlight leaves me speechless

in my silence, your voice is my weakness


come in from the outside
follow the sound of my voice
let my words caress you 
let my voice be your guide
you are safe here

quietly in the corner the piano starts to play
with each stroke your shoulders ease 
the weight of the world is no more
fall into me and i will catch you
you are safe here

sing to me your worries and i'll help carry your tune
no more wars fought alone
its time for just us
beautiful isn't it
you are safe here

don't hold back 
fallen tears were always meant to fall 
for the dirt beneath our feet depend on them 
how else would we grow
bury your pain in me 
and you've taught me to evolve
your thoughts are safe here

let me in, it's cold out
though the cold is no match for what's brewing inside 
i see you
on most nights i am you
open up and you'll see i've been here all along
we'll cross this bridge together
the piano continues to play
the last of tonight's tears have fallen
her heart has opened and her eyes have closed
i'll be the nights you need to fall apart
sleep easy my love
you are safe here
you'll always be safe here

Copyright © 2021 Candice Leigh
All Rights Reserved
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