Surgery Tomorrow

I have a small surgery tomorrow morning, so I may not be as active on the site. For those who didn’t know, back in October of last year, I horribly dislocated my knee while crossing the street. It has been a very long and grueling road but on the positive side of that, it gave me the opportunity to get serious about my passion for writing. The hopes of tomorrow’s procedure is to get a better bend in my knee using manipulation while I am under anesthesia. When I am rested and feeling up to it, I will post a detailed story of one the most traumatic days of my life and explain exactly how this injury came to be.

You can find some before and after shots of my knee below.

Until next time, keep writing.

This is what my knee looked like after the accident. It was completely off track. I tore my acl, mcl, and pcl. As my therapist says, “All the ligaments that keep the knee in place–you tore all of them!”
This is the after. It has healed quite well in the last four months. The doctor is pleased with how it is healing, however I don’t have much of a bend in my knee. So tomorrow’s surgery will include manipulation while under anesthesia in hopes of being able to bend my knee again and walk without using a walker/wheelchair.

Podcast Episode 3-An Angels Ascent

Recording this poem was very special to me.

I wrote, An Angels Ascent for my Godmother, Tammy Boast. She passed away this past January and because of my knee injury I was not able to travel and attend her funeral.

So in recording this, part of me went back to the day of her funeral and read her this poem. My final goodbye to her. She was such an amazing person and I feel like doing this has peacefully closed our chapter. The healing can start.