speak words with no boundaries

tell me everything even if it’s nothing at all

let your actions be just as loud

so that when the cat has your tongue

i still know i am capable of making you purr

i’ll spend a lifetime searching for the words that fit you perfectly

and once you slip on that hand picked hello

you’ll know that everything in the before made sense

the time spent

only you could wear the words that slip off my tongue

fits in every curve

you fill every space

there is no room left for error

no typos

an occasional grammatical oversight

chalk it up to authenticity

sometimes i stutter

sometimes the words that leave my lips

aren’t the thoughts that fill my mind

sometimes self sabotage is the signature i leave on my love letters

chalk it up to authenticity


Picture Of The Day 3.26.21

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Sounds from the day have settled

And I am worn like the wax of the candle that has been lit all day

Put me out– please just put me out

Set free all the exhaust that I’ve held

Watch it take form as it leaves my body

It was never meant for me

See the dance it does as the wind carries it further away

My bed sheets serve as the freshly dusted shelf

And my body is the book looking for its home

There I fell

Here I stay

This is exactly where I was meant to be