Seems I am the strongest, when I dress up in all the things that have caused me pain

And the rain falls a little harder on the days I decide to water my own garden

The world seems to think my light shines the brightest on the days I live in the dark

This land has been marked as the place where I can feel pretty

I built this city on top of cuts and bruises

Then rinsed my blood in the river that surrounded me

Picture Of The Day 4.3.21

Photo by Tasha Kamrowski on

i’ve grown tired learning the languages in which you communicate

and still to this day you don’t know why im speechless

it wasn’t until i showed you who you are

that you cared to remember who i am

mimicking the way you moved

brought attention to the reasons i stood still

embodying you left me empty

and it wasn’t until i became your reflection

that you finally noticed me…

Rain Dance

Use my time to take my time

Make sure I do it right

one two three one two three

There’s a good chance of rain tonight

Sky turned grey

And the rain fell harder

I move in rhythmic agreement

My curtsy begged for the sky to open

Cleanse my soul of all its bleeding

-What is this dance called-

-And do you do it everyday-

I dance these moves for my pain

And my rain dance washes it away