Photo Of The Day 4.23.21

Photo by: Candice Leigh © 2021

The many memories…

Here one moment and then gone the next

Followed by the days spent trying to remember how I traveled your curves

Until I remembered that behind my lens is the perfect place to capture fleeting memories

The only place I could hold you in the same spot for more than a minute…

Photo Of The Day 4.4.21

Photo by Rachel Claire on

To be the faded image in your back pocket

How did I ever earn the privilege to be loved by you

Memories turned into keepsakes because we couldn’t let go

If you look hard enough you’ll see the cake I dropped on the floor

In the corner sat the chair that couldn’t sit anyone else

-It had weak knees-

And though the brightness has faded I still see the shine in your eyes

Look at me and I come to life 

And on the day I take my last breath I hope your face is the last I see

Add it to the list of faded images that I’ll keep with me forever