Photo Of The Day 4.29.21

Photo By: Candice Leigh

Sometimes the only way to capture how I feel is between the seal of an envelope

Pour my heart out and then place it in your hands

Unaware of what you’ll do and quite honestly it doesn’t matter

Al I know is that the burden is no longer mine


Daily Photo 3.29.21

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

The postcard I never had to send

Absorbed my thoughts as I spilled them

Recounting them to me in times I needed them the most

My memories are you

The scar on your elbow is the “Wish you were here” from Mexico

The spaghetti stain on your shirt is the “Having A Great Time” from Italy

Unfit for a back pocket

But the perfect fit for my heart

My forever post card

Forever stamped, return to sender