Photo Of The Day 04.01.21

Picture from Instagram profile @poetsgrid

How far must I walk before I am no longer seen

Do I walk backwards if being seen is what I want

I have traveled this lonely road so many times

My footprints have imprinted upon the concrete

Telling the trees stories I am too afraid to write down

With each step I take in the opposite direction

A leaf dances as it leaps from its resting place, applauding my bravery

Today I stopped to sit and count the times I gave myself a second chance

As the leaves that haven’t fallen yet watch and wonder if they’ll ever get their time to shine



The book begging to be read
Handle her gently because she’s been shelved for a while
Only fingers so delicate may wipe the dust covering her potential
And when opened the right way
Her story will spill into you
Gushing with cliffhangers that always leave you wanting more
Where have you been all my life
Hiding in plain sight
Is it my fault for not seeing you sooner
Or is it yours for not demanding to be seen
The link I should’ve clicked sooner
The article I should’ve read all the way through
The book I shouldn’t have put down
You were worth the wait yesterday and I’d wait even longer tomorrow
In the darkest you shined the brightest
In your silence your voice grabbed all of my attention
Did I mention how you sparkle under the moonlight
It’s just right-your beauty crept through crevices breaking down all my walls
Tonight under this moonlight-there’s no place I’d rather be

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Photo credit 📸- Raven Schexnayder Domingues